Jilbab Vs. Hijab - What's The Difference?

Jilbab Vs. Hijab - What's The Difference?

With JiIbab and Hijab it's easier than ever to dress in a way that is both stylish and respectful. By pairing these pieces with other smart and tasteful clothing options, you can create outfits that are both modest and fashionable.

Let’s take you through the details of these two wonderful modest clothing elements and show you some amazing options to choose from. You can also learn about hijab jilbab difference from this article.

Most Common Modest Outfits - Hijab And Jilbab

From abayas to niqabs, there are many clothing options that Muslimahs choose to dress modestly and to admire their religion. These garments help women to maintain privacy and feel dignified in personal and professional spaces.

Jilbab and Hijab are loved by Muslim women. While they both are designed to cover the head, they differ as clothing items. Some of you may wonder how…

It is exciting to explore what Hijab and Jilbab are and how they are different from one another. Let’s dive in and help you pick the best as per your preference and occasion.

What Is Hijab?

Hijab is an Arabic term that means "cover" and is majorly rooted as meaning that refers to "to veil, to cover or to shelter."

It’s basically a veil or a scarf, used by Muslim women and modest dressers to cover the head and upper chest area. Ideally, these headscarves are used to cover the hair and neck as a religious practice.

Here are the top three reasons to choose hijabs:

  1. To respect Allah and seek spiritual fulfilment
  2. To feel safe and liberated
  3. To suggest intellect and talent weighs more than one’s physical attributes

This versatile and lightweight garment is worn along with an abaya. It can be found in many charming colours, styles, and materials - no matter you are some working lady favouring neutral hues or a university student loving the idea of a bright wardrobe, you can find a perfect hijab for you easily.

Urban Culture, one of the leading modest clothing brands, brings an impressive range of hijab headscarves that women can buy online and look stylish and empowered wherever they go. From dainty floral designs to chic prints, you can explore our selection here to upgrade your hijab collection.

What Is Jilbab?

Here’s the difference between hijab and jilbab. Conforming with the strictures stated in Islam, jilbab is a loose and long outer modest clothing. The clothing is recognised as a religious dress with a mention in the noble Quran. Unlike hijabs, it covers the entire body from the neck down - leaving only the hands and feet open.

Jilbab for women is likely to follow a straight line without any taper. In certain cases, jilbab is also customised to have a hood attached to the garment— covering the neck and head.

Here are the top three reasons to buy jilbabs today:

  1. Just like any other modest clothing, jilbabs will help you feel closer to Allah as it matches the Quranic definition of hijab
  2. They make a practical alternative for women who are looking for an everyday hijab equivalent
  3. Being a long cloak, it can help women feel more elegant

Just like womens headscarves, jilbabs now also come in different colours and designs. Initially, these garments were made only in uniform and muted tones, but with the growing hype around modest clothing, many designers have brought about a change. You can now get your hands on diverse and bright jilbabs with brands like Urban Culture. We bring a fresh variety of free-size jilbabs that are suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

Wrapping Up

Despite being conservative clothing options, hijab and jilbab do not mean to hide women’s appearance or make them look less beautiful in any way. Truth be told, they empower women to retain their modesty and freedom along with morals. Wearing these headscarves allows women to feel closer to their god and attain an increased sense of security.

Further, the Muslim culture prefers this clothing to be worn loose so as not to reveal the body shape. Except this, Muslimahs are free to wear whichever clothing they want as long as they meet standards and are not too thin or skin-showing.

Hijab vs. JilbabBoth hijab and jilbab are different clothing styles that aim to beautify women, they have individual benefits and uses. Since now you are well aware of the significant differences between each of them, it will be easier for you to select the best one for your requirements.

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