Outfit Inspiration: What to Wear To Brunch with Your Girlfriends

Outfit Inspiration: What to Wear To Brunch with Your Girlfriends

What better way to catch up with your girlfriends than to organise a nice brunch? Of course, you'll want to look cute, classy and sassy, all at once. Basically, looking good is a priority.

However, creating a stylish, modest, and comfortable outfit for brunch can be daunting. Your outfit needs to go with the season and be compelling. It means spending hours putting a look together!

To save you this agony, we have prepared some styles that may inspire you. Check out the following fun and fashionable outfits you can wear to brunch with your girlfriends.

5 Outfit Inspirations to Wear to Brunch with Your Girlfriends

Pick a Classic Crochet Dress

Crochet pieces have found their way into our wardrobes, and how stylishly!

Our grandmas have been making these fits for quite some time, but the style has changed - they are now more modern. So, a classic crochet maxi dress makes for a trendy outfit you can wear for brunch with your girls.

You do not have to wear a fully crocheted dress to look glamorous. A plain long breezy dress with a crochet neckline will still look fabulous. Stick to more laid-back and soothing colours to achieve an elegant look. Consider adding nice heels and a small designer handbag to complete your easygoing brunch look.

Show Some Sass with a Trendy Black Dress

Don't we all have that one black dress we turn to in case of ‘emergencies’? If you have a date with your girlfriends and are wondering what to wear, get this dress out of your wardrobe; you won't regret it.

If you are yet to get a black dress for yourself, then be sure to find at least a trendy one making an outstanding fashion statement. An A-line black maxi dress with a loose fit can complement this season's vibes well.

You can style it differently but in a way that still looks fabulous for your brunch date. You can throw in a tie-up belt matching the dress or pair it with long boots. The result is a smart, relaxed outfit for an early morning.

Bet on a Ruffle Shoulder Top with an Everyday Skirt

A ruffle shoulder top might be a great option if you want to achieve a high-fashion feel for your brunch. This top is an ongoing trend in the fashion industry, and you can flaunt your feminine self with it. Ruffle shoulder tops are super comfortable and add volume to the right places.

With their voluminous design, ribbed knit fabric and long-sleeve nature, ruffle tops can go well with slump bottoms. You can, therefore, opt to pair the top with your everyday baggy skirt. This way, you can put together an effortless yet chic brunch look.

The colour you choose for your ruffle shoulder top will matter. With bright colours, go mild with the bottoms, and vice-versa.

How About a Trendy Shacket Dress?

Another ideal option for a day out with the girls is a denim shacket dress.

Shackets add a lovely pattern to your brunch outfit. They are more lightweight than the regular coat, making them a perfect option for navigating the mood of the weather.

The good thing with a shacket dress is that you can opt to wear it alone or as a jacket. If you choose to have it closed, you can throw in a matching tie belt for a smart look. When wearing your shacket dress open, pick a cool tee and pair it with tights or loose trousers to keep it chic and casual.

Run to Basic with a Cool Jumper and Denim Pants

A cool jumper with denim pants will do if you want a stylish but simple look for brunch. It has been the go-to style for many people who crave comfort and fashion.

The crucial thing you should consider before putting together this outfit is the jeans fit. Baggy denim pants, to be specific, are pretty ideal for brunching. They fit your waist well and are wide on other parts, making you feel both cosy and trendy.

Once you select the ideal pants, look for a jumper that complements the denim style. Always go for oversized jumpers. They look great with high-waisted pants. Now since you are heading out for brunch, you can complete the look with some sneakers or heels; the choice is yours.

Your focus when selecting fine outfits for brunch with your girlfriend should be comfort. Whether you choose a black dress, denim pants, or a ruffle-shoulder top from your wardrobe, pair it smartly.

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