Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Trendy And Fashionable Jackets

Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Trendy And Fashionable Jackets

Fashion and style are always a personal choice. Some like to go bold, others play safe. The key is to be comfortable and confident in your style.

Nonetheless, if there is one thing that can kill your style, it is setting it on standby mode. Your outfits speak for you and become your identity. Hence, as trends and seasons change, you should upgrade your wardrobe and make it feasible for your style and the weather.

However, don’t be under the impression that a wardrobe upgrade requires throwing out every old clothing piece and burning a hole in your pocket by going on a shopping spree. Oftentimes, your staple outfits require only additional styling pieces to make you look fashionable. One of such pieces that is not only stylish but also functional is a jacket. As the colder months are already here, we need to layer ourselves up with warm and fuzzy winter wear.

Let’s give your wardrobe a stunning makeover with various staples, jackets, designs and styles.

5 Jacket Styles to Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe

1. Choose a NOT BLACK Leather Jacket

Leather jackets come in handy for all the times when you want to give an edgy vibe while keeping your style casual. A good-fit leather jacket is the coolest outerwear staple that can make you look like a diva without putting much effort.

Black is almost synonymous with leather jackets. Most women go as far as brown. You can up your game with a pink or a beige leather jacket and bring a flush of warm hues and tones to your dressing style. Layer it with shades of grey or white, and stay away from pairing it with dark colours. A pink or a beige leather jacket paired with the same palette of colours would help you flaunt an edgy feminine look.

2. Show the Swag With a Ruffle Jacket

A modest jacket with soft ruffles is a must-add to your winter wardrobe to make you look elegant and modest. It is pretty popular among ladies for its styling versatility. Its sleek sleeves and ruffled front gives a wide space to experiment with the jacket in various styles. Be it a dress or denim, you can create a statement style if you pair it with the right colours.

You can carry a ruffled jacket with you to workspaces as it is lightweight and comes in neutral colours. It is one of the many styles that hits the sweet spot between keeping you warm, stylish, and comfortable.

3. Say Yes to a Frill Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is more of a necessary styling piece rather than a choice. It has been around forever and continues to be a wardrobe staple. None of the clothing pieces can compare with the versatility of a denim jacket — it goes with dresses, gowns, jeans, blouses, and shirts.

Take your style up a notch and get denim jackets in different shades and patterns. From cropped to frills to light-washed to deep-collared, there are endless varieties. These tiny details will stand you apart from the crowd and give you a trendy look.

4. Pick a Long Zip Jacket for a Casual Outing

Your wardrobe needs a jacket that is basic, comfortable, and yet stylish. A long zip jacket checks the vibe.

Zip jackets are relatively thinner and hence, can be your comforter in mild chills or autumn season. The long, knee-length gives it a shrug-like look and you can style it both ways. When zipped up, you can pair it with denim or leggings and pull off a sassy look. When unzipped, throw it over casuals or maxi dresses.

The cotton sports fabric with a hoodie at the back and side pockets will make you look cool and attractive. Wear white sneakers or a pretty pair of flats to put together the look.

5. Feel Cosy With a Tie-Up Knit Jacket

There are only a few toppers as iconic as a long winter jacket. As one of the most elegant pieces a woman can own, it is a must-have jacket to add to your fashion list. It is long, classy, stylish, and sassy — a heart-winning combination of everything you need in one clothing item.

The tie-up at the font of the jacket gives it a defined style. Whether you buy it in black or grey colour, or earthy or neutral shades, it will steal the limelight and make you look luxurious. Pair it with denim and boots to look like a style diva.

Jackets are a staple wardrobe item. They will keep you warm on a chilly evening while completing your look and making you look beautiful and stylish.

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