5 Stylish Eid Outfit Ideas For Modern Muslimahs

5 Stylish Eid Outfit Ideas For Modern Muslimahs

Eid al-Fitr is now just a few days away.

The holy day calls for celebration, happiness, and laughter. Families meet, have a feast together, and spend the day basking in the glory of Allah’s kindness.

The days of Ramadan, as you must be aware, are also a period of reflection and growth. Hence, Eid is also the day when you can celebrate and embrace your newfound sense of self. And what’s better than letting fashion speak for you and your blossom.

Most of us go for the traditional Eid outfits every year. However, it’s time you let your inner diva rule the day subtly yet fashionably.

In this blog, we bring you five Eid outfits that are perfect for the modern Muslimah in you.

5 Modern Festive Outfits for Eid

Shimmer All the Way

Modest shimmery dresses are an easy pick for those of you who love to sparkle.

Glittery shimmer dresses make a great choice for festive occasions like Eid. They are chic and sparkly, and will instantly lift your look to amazing. The best part about wearing a shimmering dress is that you can pair it with any hijab, and look divine.

Whether you choose a light-coloured shimmer dress or an all-black one with gold embellishments, this dress style is sure to be a head-turner at any party or event. If you are going for a more casual look, try pairing your shimmer dress with a denim jacket. It will add a more laid-back touch to your outfit, and you will be ready for any situation.

On the other hand, if you are going for more of an elegant look, try pairing your shimmer dress with heels instead. You will feel like the belle of the ball at any event.

Pick Dresses with Beaded Details

Eid is the perfect time to show off your fabulous style sense. Opt for a dress with dainty beaded details that are guaranteed to make you feel like a queen. You can create your style statement by wearing and accessorising it correctly.

We suggest not to limit yourself to one colour; go for colours like powder blue or dusty rose, which are perfect for the season and will look great on any skin tone. Pair it with a matching or contrast hijab and a designer bag, and you are all set for Eid!

Show Some Satin Love

Gorgeous long dresses made of satin are all the rage right now.

A satin dress is a perfect option for anyone who likes the luxurious feel and silky texture. Along with being modest, a satin dress gives a feminine and party-ready look. It will make you revel in princess vibes and feel fabulous.

You can get modest satin dresses in various trendy colours. Choose between dark mauve, pastel green, classy black, shiny silver, or trendy mocha, depending on what best reflects your mood and style.

The coolest thing about this dress is that it can be worn casually with flats or can be dressed up with heels. Also, we suggest teaming your satin dress with a matching clutch to give the elegance of your outfit a boost. You can experiment as much as you want and design various looks to feel both confident & modern!

Go for a Gorgeous Lacy Maxi Dress

Lace dresses are love! A girl can’t feel prettier in anything else than a finely-tailored lace dress!

A gorgeous lacy dress with an a-line cut, ruffle shoulders, and long sleeves will help you look elegant on Eid day. You can opt for nude or black colour, as both will serve the purpose of looking and feeling amazing.

The lace is always breezy and comfortable without compromising on style. Trust us, your lovely lace dress would look beautiful when you enjoy some delicious Eid meals with your family.

Relaxed-Fit Belt Dress

The belt dress has been a hit among fashionistas for quite some time now. The belt in the dress makes your waist appear shapelier and helps in creating a nice silhouette.

Belted dresses with long sleeves and decent length can be an ideal choice for Eid. It is especially suitable for Muslimahs who want to maintain a modest look and keep it fashionable.

The key to wearing a relaxed-fit belt dress is to accessorise well. Remember to put on your scarf and wear a pair of earrings for that feminine touch.

You can either wear high heels with an ankle strap to elongate the legs or you can add a pair of sneakers to your ensemble for an instant casual upgrade.

So, let’s celebrate Eid in Style! Choose what your heart says. Let Urban Culture help you follow your heart with the most elegant clothes. Shop our modest fashion collection today!