5 Timeless Prints That Are Perfect To Blend Modesty With Fashion

5 Timeless Prints That Are Perfect To Blend Modesty With Fashion

Earlier, it could have been difficult to find sustainable and modest fashion-forward clothes. All you used to get was monotonous colours with linear prints and boring patterns. Thankfully, the dynamics for modest fashion are now changing.

Ever since modest fashion landed on the runways, the industry became more accepting of it. Today, regardless of religious and cultural background, modest fashion is becoming a more inclusive way of dressing for women. To represent the growing influence of the modest community, brands are being more creative than ever. Be it creative layering, headwraps, or statement outfits, modest wear has gone beyond plain silhouettes and is being experimented with prints and patterns.

In this blog, we are introducing you to 6 modern and timeless prints for women who proudly choose to dress modestly. Here we go -

Modest Fashion Wardrobe Staples

Floral Prints

Floral prints have been around for quite some time and aren’t really a groundbreaking choice. However, these warm prints reflect your inner beauty and give a feminine and modest touch to your outfit. Moreover, it feels like a positive nod from nature too.

This pretty Camilla Rose dress is perfect for feeling the summer energy. The earthy colours and a maxi pattern makes it a perfect fit for autumn as well. This soft rose pink floral print dress is available in chiffon material. Whether it’s due to the colour or the pattern, there is something about this long, flowy dress that instantly fills us with energy.

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Polka Dots

The essence of modest clothing and fashion is to reinvent outfits inspired by everlasting trends. Polka dots are the perfect example to jazz up dresses and basic outfits. They are evergreen prints - it was worn by your grandmother and mothers. Most of us even flaunted polka dots dresses in our childhood. This timeless print can send you to the lanes of nostalgia in a second.

This patterned, polka-dotted dress is a low-key monochrome fit. The best part about this dress is that while it is light enough to pair up with sneakers in summer, it provides enough coverage to be flaunted with boots in autumn. This fully-lined chiffon dress also comes with a matching belt that gives you a modest style.

Choose one of your favourite patterns in polka dot print.

Ethnic Motifs

The old drama of traditional prints can never fade. Firstly, they are versatile - you can wear them all year round. Secondly, every time you wear them, you feel closer to your roots and culture. Our favourite picks are the long-flowy maxi dresses with embroidered ethnic prints. They are not only light but give a contemporary touch to your look too.

This Jenin maxi dress in linen fabric is a perfect cut-out for a family gathering. Be it a day out in the sun for a picnic or a religious gathering at night, you can flaunt this nude-coloured dress with a stunning dusty pink print effortlessly. The fabric is non-see-through and comfortable. The dress also comes with a matching tie to give your look an elegant enhancement.

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Animal Prints

Animal prints are back in style and we couldn’t be happier. Just like polka dots, they are another timeless print. The most interesting bit about animal prints is they are unpredictable. When worn in the right silhouette, they can look chic and feminine. However, since they are wild prints, one can easily go wrong with them and create a fashion blunder. Therefore, pick an outfit that isn’t too busy and complex.

If you’re someone who likes to be experimental, this Wild Lilla dress is the right outfit for you. It is a non-see-through flared arm midi length dress with cuffed sleeves and comes with a matching belt. The colour instantly gives an autumnal vibe. The dress is highly sustainable too. You can wear it for years to come - to the office, to a travel detour, or for dinner with your girls.

Pick an animal print set for yourself here.

Stripe Prints

Stripes are an all-time favourite - mostly because there are endless ways to wear and style them. They add visual vibrancy to your look and combining them with the right accessories can uplift your outfit. Being a spring staple, they can make a statement without putting in too much effort.

If you’re looking for an elegant and modest outfit, this Striped Tie-Up dress will not disappoint you. The classic full-length dress has full-length sleeves that have narrow and elastic ends, giving a different look to your outfit. The monochrome dress of black and white stripes is a classic. You can experiment with other colours such as grey, autumnal pink, and warm dark red.

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These prints make for a fuller and timeless wardrobe. You can charm the crowd and pick them up for a while for any event.

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