Chic Ways To Style Your Denim Clothes

Chic Ways To Style Your Denim Clothes

Denim has come to stay. It is a popular fabric amongst all fashion enthusiasts. If you consider yourself to be fashion-forward, then denim clothes are for you. It is associated with coolness and youthfulness, which explains why it is so popular among teenagers and young adults.

The versatility of denim makes it a must-have item in your closet. You can go for it in all seasons. It is a wardrobe classic that you can pair up with a wide range of clothes to create a stylish look. Ripped or faded, block-colored or white-washed, choose the option you love.

Denim tops, jeans, jackets, and skirts— discover the best ways to style denim clothes with top tips from our fashion expert.

Style Your Denim Clothes The Right Way

The "Casual" Look

One of the most stylish items in your closet, denim is the best wear when you are going for a casual, laidback look. Try pairing your favorite jeans with a simple low-body neck top that is comfortable yet elegant. You can also add some fun details to the outfit by tying a scarf around your waist or wearing oversized jewelry to add interest to your outfit.


If you want to go for a dressier look, try pairing dark color denim with a lighter shade of denim hoodie. Picking a black skinny jeans with a lighter shade of blue denim top is sure to catch everyone’s attention in the room. You can also wear an oversized white buttoned-down denim shirt or blouse with your favorite pair of distressed jeans and get going for the day!

Nude Shoes

Nude heels are always an on-point wear, and so they are the perfect addition to any outfit that includes denim. They are cute and feminine while giving off an innocent vibe that's perfect for any casual day out with friends.

Pair nude heels with tie-up high-waisted jeans and embrace your chic look!

White Tank Top

Pair your blue jeans with a new white tank top tucked inside to make you look more sophisticated. Accessorize it with some bling jewelry for that hot chic look.

Any shade of blue works with this combination.

Strappy Wedges

Wear your favorite pair of blue denim midi with some strappy wedges. Give a funky look by accessorizing it with some fun jewelry, such as bangles, necklaces, and earrings.

Satin Top

Mixing denim with other fabrics is one of the best ways to keep your look interesting and fresh. It's also a great way to add some personality to your outfit while maintaining a classic, clean look.

Satin is one of the most commonly combined fabrics with denim because satin is a delicate textured fabric. You can pair any color of the satin top with your denim.

Denim Jacket

You can wear denim with almost anything in your closet. Washed denim jackets are most preferable when paired with darker-colored pants or jeans. You may also opt to wear them over a simple, black dress in casual office settings. But in general, they are best worn over dark-colored bottoms.

Add Patches And Embroidery

Customize your jeans by adding patches or embroidering some personal details on them. Wear denim jeans with an embroidery cape to create an interesting outfit that is both stylish and unique.

With Blazer And Cardigan

Mixing denim with dressier pieces like Kate blazers and cardigans is a great way to add a personality to your outfit without going overboard. To complete this look, you will want to pair your denim with something that fits the same color scheme and isn't too bold. You don't want to stand out too much! Try pairing blue jeans with a grey cardigan and pull off the look easily.

With Button-Up Shirt

Try adding black or white denim with a simple mid-shirt button-up or even a dress shirt, but make sure it's not too formal. A casual jacket will do the trick too!

With Loose Blouse

Pair skinny jeans with a loose sheer blouse and sandals when going out in the evening with friends or on a date night with your partner. You can also pair your skinny jeans and loose blouse with sneakers when going to school or work in the morning.

Stud And Belts

Give your outfit an edgy touch by adding studs and a double ring belt to it. They look amazing!

Floral Top

Rock faded blue denim long skirt with a rose floral top for an ultra-feminine look that's perfect if you're going out on the town or just having brunch with friends!

Wide Leg Jeans

If you wear skinny jeans all the time, then why not switch it up with a wide leg? Pairing skinny jeans with wide-leg ones will give your legs more space without sacrificing style.

When purchasing wide-leg jeans, choose one size larger than you normally would because they tend to be snug around the ankles. Wear distressed jeans with a button-up top and ballet flats for an easy but chic look.

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