5 Ways To Style Your Pleated Maxi Skirt

5 Ways To Style Your Pleated Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts have been in vogue for ages. However, the recent addition to the league of maxi skirts, the metallic pleated maxi skirts are taking the fashion industry by storm. The basic yet fine design of the pleated skirt along with royal colours is a must to have in your wardrobe.

Whether you are putting up for a Hijabi outfit or not, the pleated maxi skirt is the easiest outfit to pull on, style as well as create different looks. It gives you a wide scope of experimentation while selecting your pieces to pair it with. For instance, you can create a sporty look or pair it up for a chic yet party wear or you can also style it for your workwear outfit. Also, it is wearable in every season.

Our collection of Maxi Pleated Skirts at Urban Culture Online is waiting for you to pair it up in the best possible way and create your style on different occasions. To make your process a little easier, we have brought outfit inspirations for you in this article.

By the end of this article, you will have an idea of styling your metallic pleated skirts into different outfits. Let's have a look.

Different Ways To Style Maxi Pleated Skirt

Basic Colours

You can find maxi pleated skirts in different colours. However, the best part about all of these skirts is that they get along well with every basic colour (depending on your skirt colour). For instance, if you have a pink or slightly nude shade maxi skirt, you can pair it up with a basic white blouse. Also, you can complete the look with a beautiful and minimal necklace.

Additionally, if you are confused about the footwear section, the skirt gives you liberty right from heels to sneakers. The only thing to take care of is the basic palette. Make sure that your sneakers are also completing the basic style. This outfit will make you look ethereal and svelte.

Fancy Tops And Boots

The above section was for the ladies who love to keep it minimal yet beautiful. However, this section is for those who like to experiment and wish to stay in vogue. So, if you are planning for a huge occasion or celebration, this maxi pleated skirt will not let you down. Instead, you can pair it up with a trendy balloon-sleeved shirt or an off-shoulder top along with rose gold jewellery, black boots, and a black clutch to complete the look.

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Sweaters Or Cardigans

Well, if you are under the impression that you cannot pair the maxi pleated skirt with a sweater or cardigan, you might be at fault. Turtle neck sweaters, crop cardigans go excellently with maxi pleated skirts. Instead, it can be your best fall look for any special event or even a casual outing with your friends or family. To complete it, you can carry a shoulder bag along with sneakers and a watch.

Coat And Jackets

Do you wish to create a stylish and off-beat outfit? Well, make sure to pair your maxi pleated skirt with a fur coat or even a denim jacket.

Pairing a fur coat on the skirt adds an extra layer, colour, and texture to your entire outfit. Also, you can wear a basic white tee, wear a half-open denim jacket on it and complete it with sandals for a breezy and beach look.

To your surprise, even trench coats go really well with maxi pleated skirts. The only thing you have to worry about is the colour. Make sure that all the colours that you choose do not come out rather odd. On this note, feel free to experiment.

V-Shaped Tshirts

We believe that V-shaped T-Shirts are the real Saviors because they can anytime save your entire outfit from falling apart. Whether it is about pairing them on jeans, shorts, or even maxi pleated skirts, these can just never go wrong.

So, if you are looking for a safe haven and you are not in the mood of making experiments or end-moment outfit mishaps, stick to V-shaped t-shirts. These go exceptionally well with maxi pleated skirts for both casual and party looks.

On the casual front, you can style them with sneakers and a watch. On the other hand, for a party look, you can wear a coat, or a good jewellery piece and pumps or heels to finish the look. Overall, this is a perfect match for your skirt look.

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