5 Gorgeous Hijab Colours Loved By Muslimahs

5 Gorgeous Hijab Colours Loved By Muslimahs

Hijab originates from an Arabic word that means barrier of partition. Mostly, it is worn in the form of a head covering and is one of the most decent forms of clothing worn by Muslim women.

Today, this modest fashion has turned into a sense of freedom and ease. The women feel much more confident and comfortable after wearing a hijab. The best part is that it can go well with any eastern clothing like salwar kameez, a kurta, or abaya. Furthermore, it looks even more beautiful with western clothing such as jeans, a shirt, or other fashionable western attire.

There are different ways to style your hijab to complement your look and the market today is flooded with various colours, patterns, and designs to make your hijab look perfect. In this article, you’ll get to know some must-have hijab colours that are much loved by fashion-savvy muslimahs. So if you are fed up with your black and white hijabs, take notes and see if you need to update your hijab wardrobe!

5 Fresh Hijab Colours Loved by Modern Hijabis

Granite Grey

First colour has to be one of our favourite picks. A grey headscarf is similar to black - a classic option for hijabis who want to look trendy and different. It is that perfect neutral shade that should essentially be a part of a modest wardrobe. This is the hijab colour that goes with everything. It can go beautifully with white, navy, as well as with bright colours such as yellow, deep red, or turquoise.


Another refreshing colour loved by many modern Muslimahs is nude. This calm and basic colour looks elegant and is ideal to give an edge to your overall outfit.

The best part about this gorgeous hijab colour is that you can match it with any outfit of your choice without a second doubt. So, someday if you are not sure which head scarf to wear, you can choose your nude headscarf and go out to win the world!

Pro tip: A chiffon or cotton nude headscarf can be a perfect pick for your corporate meetings or formal events!


A rosewood hijab is a classic and elegant headscarf that can be worn with many colours, prints, and details. Being a very fresh and feminine colour, this hijab can be apt for those ladies who like to keep it subtle yet stand out from the crowd, effortlessly!

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A copper coloured hijab represents ultimate sophistication. This smart colour reflects minimalism and aligns with any outfit of your choice. This dark colour pulls out the warmth in your skin and makes your skin glow.

Also, the chiffon as a fabric gives a relaxed feel and is easy to match with your outfits.


You might have noticed a lot of celebrities wearing an emerald colour hijab. Of late, this colour is making a trending statement in the modest fashion world.

This rich colour has a vibe of its own - you can style this hijab with a gorgeous midi dress, designer bag, and block heels to create a unique look and capture many compliments. This makes a great pick when you are heading to a party or a special event.

That being said, here are some must-know fashion tips to style your hijabs perfectly.

Tips to Style Your Hijabs the Correct way

  • Make sure that the colour of your hijab goes well with your skin tone and undertone.
  • Wear those colours that make you feel confident and beautiful.
  • Hijab represents modesty. Hence, don't overdo it.
  • Do not pick such hijab colours that make your skin look dull or tired.
  • Wear the hijab around your face in different styles by choosing from modest fashion online.
  • Fix the hijab with pins. Also, make sure that you don't overdo the pins as they show up and look bad.
  • Do not fix it too tight around your neck because it can cause trouble breathing.
  • Style your hijab according to your dress. Hence, pick a colour that looks decent with your attire.
  • Lastly, wear your hijab with elegance and confidence.


Every hijabi woman should have a no-fail solid hijab wardrobe with different colours of hijabs that she can grab in a hurry and wish to look perfect. The best material for this no-solid collection is essentially chiffon that will give a royal touch to your outfits. Of course, you can also stock up on floral prints. However, solids will never let you down.

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